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A Radically Better Approach

360Insight is an innovative platform designed and accountable to improve quality of life, nourish the common good, and foster a more informed, vibrant, and just society.


Our platform provides unique insights and access to audiences that are very expensive and difficult (if not impossible) to reach today. 360Insight also gives individuals far greater voice and power to effect change and advances a more democratic and civil society in which representatives are responsive to their constituents and government serves the public will and good.

360Insight also promotes quality journalism and enables journalists and publishers to better reach and engage communities, counter disinformation, and nurture an informed citizenry. Rather than polarize society and amplify disinformation, 360Insight brings out the better angels of our nature and advances the common good.

We are an early-stage startup in stealth mode — stay tuned!

Advancing the Global Goals

Collective action

We face daunting challenges in today’s world: climate change, poverty, hunger, armed conflicts, and social fragmentation are just some of the issues we need to address urgently. Our ability to address these wicked problems is fundamentally dependent on the degree to which our political systems are healthy and serving the public interest.

360Insight gives citizens far stronger voice to effect change and bring government policies and scale to tackle society’s most urgent problems. Citizen voice at scale, with impact and accountability, is the best way to improve democracies, fix broken political systems, and bring government policies and scale to address the wicked problems facing humanity.

As United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres notes, “Collective action is the only answer for the multiple crises that humanity is facing.“

Business for Good

The doctrine of shareholder primacy prioritizes profits above all else, regardless of external costs such as environmental damage and social fragmentation.

Our unique governance structure requires that we maximize social good rather than shareholder value. Experts believe we will disrupt a multi-billion industry and generate considerable profits. We will direct 100% of profits to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustanable Development Goals


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